Alice Nine

There was a time when rock music ruled the airwaves. There was a time when the term “ruled the airwaves” made sense.

Growing up, there were zero asian male role models in popular music. The guitarist from Smashing Pumpkins doesn’t count, he barely talks. This was the MTV era. …

A Product Designer’s take on the hottest new app with tremendous potential

If you haven’t heard of a new app called Clubhouse, you may be living under a rock or are in quarantine without internet. Clubhouse is an invite only audio chat social networking app launched in April 2020 by Alpha Exploration Co. It has attracted big name celebrities to the platform…

How I predicted Tinder’s new user verification feature

Comparing my feature (left) to Tinder’s new feature (right)

While I was studying at Designlab I chose to add a new feature to Tinder as my capstone project. My research showed that users felt uncomfortable with that fact that they were unable to confirm the identities of the people they were…

Picture of guitarist on stage
Credit: Flavio Gasperini @flaviewxvx

Why are so many UX Designers former musicians?

Starting with the great Jeff Gothelf, I noticed a pattern of musicians switching careers into UX Design. I participate in a number of slack communities, which typically include a channel specifically for introductions where people state their name, location, and former occupation…

Joel Lipton

Product Designer. Lived in Tokyo for the past decade, now living in Silicon Valley. Eng/JP Bilingual. Enjoys nihonshu.

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